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Dedicated Development Teams

There are times when the person craves to get the total control over all the resources in the company. He wants to see clearly, how the human and technical resources are spent, let alone of the financial operations. In this case so called DDC (or the Dedicated Development Center) will be the best salvation as if helps to gain control over all of the processes taking place In your company. With this service you will savor the perfect transparency of the business schemes, feel their flexibility and be sure each of them is totally secure.

All the Dedicated Development team will be to your service as long as you go on paying them the fee every month. The advantages of this kind of this kind of team are really significant, as they will be ready to work just as you want then to and to match all the needs perfectly without distracting to some basic models etc. The team will act according to the specialties of your business, taking all the unique features into consideration. That is how you will be able to get the professional team ready to put all its efforts on helping you to see and feel your business in its smallest aspects making it easy to coordinate the processes.

The dedicated development team of the CMD Software can support the ongoing project or on the other hand arrange the support to the completely new one that will appear to be all effective and reliable. Due to the great number and variety of resources the team is able to pay the close attention to the separate fields of your business, the ones you feel like worth the special treatment. Along with it the main course of the control will not be lost, and the scheme of the work will be still really transparent.

Here are the visual bonuses the Dedicated Development Team offers to the clients:

- you can start the development of your business with one single expert;

- before forming the  team you have the opportunity to prescreen each team member;

- the IT recourses will each have the special skills without any unneeded duplications;

- the team structure will be under your total control, so you can freely involve, withdraw or replace any team member the moment you feel like it;

- the team takes your time zone into consideration and works at the hours that are appropriate to your workday;

- you’re free to improve or scale any specific matter expert at any time you need it;

- the IT infrastructure is open to you and is ready to be used;

- all the aspects of your process and methodologies are ready to be adopted upon your request;

- all the reports are giving on the regular basis and are all transparent and comprehensive;

- the project flow is totally under the strict control;

- the intellectual property of all kinds is fully protected with the specific procedures.

The Dedicated Development Team is easy to create and rather effective in all its actions. With I you will have the total control over your business without any shades left. The genuine cooperation and the sharing of the important knowledge will lead you to the new ways of making business, which will result the significant rising of the income of your company.